Business Opportunities in Malaysia

 Market entry to Malaysia

The global healthcare environment is competitive and increasingly crowded. It presents challenges to players up and down the chain and Malaysia environment is not different. Joyi Link values to clients lies in its ability to help them understand the local requirements and needs to establish the product launch platform. Joyi Link carries out robust due diligence on understanding all marketing and sales perspectives and providing them to those companies who are interested in capitalising the unrestricted growth.

 With Joyi Link you get

  •      Early market identification
  •      Application of global experience locally
  •      Market-Driven volume arrangements
  •      Milestone based monitoring
  •      Demonstrated forecasting capabilities
  •      Constant Cost consciousness


 Strategic Alliances

  •      Joyi Link is a well known company to Malaysian development agencies some of which are backed up by government.
  •      Our team of experts can help in providing incentives, grants and tax rebates on major exports to and from Malaysia.
  •      Joyi Link knows the right distribution channels that should perfectly match to your business needs


 Regulatory Assistance

In a constantly evolving situation drug administration and regulatory bodies across the globe – and particularly the pharmerging ones – are frequently changing interpretations, standards and updating operating conditions to stay abreast of global development.

Joyi Link’s knowledge and unique experience in navigating the bewildering regulatory mazes across the pharmerging space, specifically the ASEAN zone countries has given us the expertise to register products very quickly. Our flexibility, speed and ability to execute strategic plans allow us to offer viable and innovative solutions to companies’ right through the regulatory process.

Our consultants have extensive technical knowledge coupled with long-standing and beneficial relationship with the members of key regulatory bodies in Malaysia landscape.