Pharmaceutical Aluminum Strip Pack

We supply soft aluminium foil (alu alu) strip packing for pharmaceutical primary blister packaging. It offers a more user-friendly packaging solution than bottled tablets and capsules, and it provides a more economical packaging solution for highly sensitive drugs. We supply soft aluminium foil with a thickness of 30 – 45 microns with one side prier coated for printing. The other side is laminated with PE for sealing.



  • Good resistance to moisture and oxygen, adheres well, good surface for printing
  • The thickness of aluminium and PE layer adjustable to customer requirements
  • Packages the exact size of the capsule or tablet that keeps pills and capsules organised, separated and safe.
  • Complies with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO15378 and GMP standards

Application: Suitable for primary pharmaceutical packaging as well as for effervescent and capsule trip packing.