Aluminum Blister Lidding Foil

Aluminium lidding foil (forming foil) provides the base or main structural component upon the final blister packaging is built. Soft or hard aluminium foil is available in different thickness. One side is primer coated for printing, and the other side heat-seals coasted for sealing with PVC, PVDC, or PP. Suitable for pharmaceutical primary blister packing.



  • Good resistance to moisture and oxygen
  • Surface with product contact thermal adhesive is manufactured according to FDA quality standards 21 CFR 175,300
  • Complies with the Management System, Food Safety System and GMP standards (ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO15378)
  • US FDA DMF filing certified
  • Customer’s specific requirements on film thickness and colour are customisable

Application: Suitable for primary pharmaceutical and food blister packaging such as tablets, capsules lozenges, chewing gum, etc.