Steam Sterilization Pouch

Made from tyvek 1073B material and HDPE film
Produced in ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom


  • Various sterilization method can be used, Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Plasma and Gamma
  • Good microbial barrier and great sterile barrier
  • Low particles and clean peel & easy heating sealed
  • High durability to resist tear and puncture
  • Uncoated Tyvek material can be easy sterilized
  • With Steam sterilization indicator (other sterilization indicators are also available)
  • OEM & ODM are available and sizes can be made to the order



  • Rubber stoppers, Aluminum covers, Vias
  • Stainless steel Containers and Devices
  • Medical Apparatus and Instruments
  • Filter Element
  • Aseptic Clothing